The Town of Tallhaven

The town of Tallhaven is populated by roughly 5000 people.
Humans 95%, Halflings 2%, Half-Elves 2%, Gnomes 1%

The town is completely closed off from the Outside world by huge towering walls. The walls are far to steep and smooth to be climbed and there are no stairs to the top. No one has ever set foot outside the walls.

There is a lot of space within the walls. Enough to house the 5000 population Town, plus enough fields and forest to support the population.

Randomly throughout the day, the town shakes and rumbles for a few minutes. This occurs roughly 2-3 times each day, and never happens during the night. This is such a regular occurrence that the population has either grown used to it, or grew up with it, so it is just normal every day life to them. They fondly refer to them as The Tremors.


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